Room and Bed Dimension

  • The size of rooms is 2.85 x 2.35 meters. The size of a bathroom is 1.95 x 1.05 meters.
  • The size of a Queen bed in the cabin is 1.50 meters x 2.05 meters and size of a Single bed in the cabin is 0.85 x 2.05 meters.
  • There is a cupboard in the cabin with hangars and the size is 0.30 x 2.00 meters to hang couple of Dinner suits and Jackets.
  • There is also an electronic safe in the cupboard to hold the passports / cash / important documents secure.
  • Toiletries like Shampoo, Moisturiser, Soaps, Shower Gel, Comb, Loofah, etc form the amenities of the toilet.

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